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The Ole Miss Brand...

Posted on: November 7, 2008 3:18 pm

Not sure if everyone has seen the posting on the team page under the Thread by rebelallen about the Houston Nutt and Clemson rumors.  Below are a few of my posts.  I'd like to hear everyone's thoughts on Ole Miss' brand, Pete Boone and the adminstration, and why Ole Miss isn't considered a premier place to be.

The only way Ole Miss could overcome Houston Nutt leaving is if another high profile coach stepped in.  It'd have to be someone like Mike Leach that would turn Jevan Snead into a QB that put up Ty Detmer numbers. 

But the likelihood of that happening is slim.  The administration is not fully committed to winning in my opinion.  They want to be a winner and talk the talk but walking the walk is not completely there yet.  Yes paying Andy Kennedy and Nutt well is a step.  Keeping Bianco from taking the LSU job is a step.  The huge video board and new baseball stadium is a step.  But we do not compare with the elite SEC athletic programs yet. 

Boone and the administration need to step up an ensure Ole Miss is a desired place for top athletes to compete.  We are in the best conference in the nation already.  The ball is in our court. 

There is no excuse at this point to struggle or to have coaches jump ship for "better" jobs.  Ole Miss should be a great job and a geat place to play.  Oxford is a great college town, the coeds are the hottest in the nation, it's the SEC conference, what the hell else is there to say?

 The marketing of the Ole Miss brand sucks too.  If you go online for any Rebel merchandise and compare it to the selection of North Carolina, Penn State, Tennessee, etc it doesn't compare. 

If you talk to anyone outside Mississippi the Rebels are just "Ole Miss" as opposed to what we could be.  The brand doesn't have the national recoginition it should.  For Nutt to even consider leaving the SEC and Ole Miss for the ACC and Clemson is absurd.  If it happens Pete Boone needs to be held 100% accountable and fired.

It is not as much about Houston Nutt as much as it is about the desirability to be at Ole Miss.  Ole Miss should be a place where coaches and players want to be because of the tradition, atmosphere, SEC, etc.  However, the program is lacking that luster and I place that responsibility soley of Pete Bafoone (love that name by the way Red_Riot).  Oxford, Ole Miss and the state of Mississippi has everything that an Alabama or LSU has to offer except the willingness by the adminstration to support a championship program. 

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Posted on: November 20, 2008 5:02 pm

The Ole Miss Brand...

It's good to know I'm not the only Ole Miss fan out there that shares these concerns.  I'm honestly puzzled by the apparent lack of effort by our administration.  Good point about the advertising by the SEC.  I've noticed that as well. 

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Posted on: November 13, 2008 3:40 pm

The Ole Miss Brand...

Good blog. I am not sure why Ole Miss is considered a second tier job. There is a false perception of the state of Mississippi in the national arena that we are still racists. I know that this is not true. Things in that area have come a long way.
  We are in the SEC and that has given us more national attention. But it has not helped Ole Miss specifically. Our facilities are top notch. But for Ole Miss to compete with the Alabama's and the Florida's of the world, there needs to be some serious PR. We have recently been successful ( other than our won-loss record) with placing excellent athletes in the NFL.  This needs to be publicized "Big Time" .
   On the other hand, looking at the situation realistically, we are in a tough area for good players. Recruiting is essential but when you have Ark., LSU, ALA., Aub. TN, so close our piece of the pie is always going to be small. Good players are automatically going to go where they will receive the most exposure. I am going to sound like a cry baby here but I have always thought that the SEC administration has shown favoritism to the larger more nationally recoginized programs. You can tell it in the officiating, the way the PR videos for the conference are done. How many times in those videos, whether it was before a game or during an SEC promo for a sporting event (Men's BBall Tourney etc.)Do you see players or plays from Ole Miss, MS State or any of the smaller schools in the SEC? You hardly ever see it.
  AS FAR AS THE OLE MISS BRAND IS CONCERNED, I think the administration has resigned itself to the fact that Ole Miss will never compete with the bigger schools. I think that Ole Miss has some serious PR to do. They have the resources, but do they really want it to be a nationally recognized program for anything other than the Law School and Med School? That would be a question that we need to find the answer.
 I love Ole Miss, I never went to school there because I was offered a scholarship to another school. It may be unfair for me to say any of this, but the school needs to be committed to winning and it needs to get it's name "out there" and do it often.
  The only concern i have now is the fact that Nutt's recruiting is obviously something that needs to be improved. I know with winning it supposedly should improve, but we are not even in the top forty right now even with the current wins. That is another subject for another day.
  The fact that Houston Nutt's name came up for the Clemson job disturbed me and it should disturb other Ole Miss fans. Why does everyone automatically assume that a coach at Ole Miss would always want to leave? Is there a problem with the AD? Is there a problem with the Ole Miss Administration? There has to be an explanation. Why does Ole Miss have to settle for anything less than a national championship in football? Does the Ole Miss administration want it to always be second rate? I SURE HOPE NOT.

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